All foreign visitors to Russia will need to apply for a 'Tourist Visa'. To get a Tourist Visa you will need a 'Tourist Invitation', issued by hotel where you will stay.

***Please send to us an email  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. after you fill the form on the website

Take the following to your nearest Russian Consulate:

  • A printed copy of the invitation letter
  • Two passport sized photos of yourself
  • The Russian Consulate Processing fee (see consulate for prices)
  • Your passport

3. Step Three

Pick up your Passport with the newly inserted Russian Visa. Check the Visa dates are those you requested. Now you are ready to visit Russia!

**Please note that some citizens can only get a Russian Visa in the country that they are a permanent or temporary resident of, and not in a third country. I.e. Japanese citizens must only apply for their Russian visa in Japan, and not in any other third country. Please check with your local Russian Consulate on the current rules, they change constantly**

Important Notes

Tourist visas are only valid for a maximum of 30 days and cannot be extended. If you wish to stay in Russia for longer than one month you will need a Business visa. You don't need to be a business to apply for this. You can not change the dates for the invitation once it has been issued, if you are unsure of the length of time you will stay in Russia, put the maximum 30 days. Russian Consulate prices vary from country to country and operate on a sliding scale policy, i.e. if you want your visa in a shorter time you will pay more money for it. Some Russian Consulates, e.g. London, operate a postal service which saves you time queuing at the the consulate.